Day 43-47: Lusaka

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29 March 2017

Day 43-47: Lusaka

Day 43-44: Lucky Bean Corner

Hugo basically worked the whole time while Caro worked on UNISA assignments.

In between we played with the 7 month old Jack Russel, Plex, and took afternoon naps.

Day 45: Manda Hill

We had a short work session before packing out the MonkeyMobile. For the first time we also took everything off the roof again, just in time, as the ammo box with the spares were already loose.

We left everything at the house and drove with the empty vehicle to Manda Hill Mall on the other side of Lusaka. We only got there at 15:00 and was starving, so we ordered a Debonairs Pizza. It wasn’t anything like the South African version, but since we were hungry we finished every last crumble.

After lunch we managed to exchange some Kwacha to Dollars, without even showing our passport or anything. Caro also bought a Chitengi dress (piece of cloth) at the PEP for only 22 Kwacha. We then bought some supplies for the week at the Shoprite. What is interesting for us is that in Zambia the Shoprite is quite upmarket, like Checkers in South Africa.

We returned in the 17:00 traffic, so it took us more than an hour to reach Lucky Bean Corner

Day 46-47

Mewin, the ‘butler/cleaner’ brought us two cups of tea in bed at 07:30, the time when Francois needs to get up to go to work. The next day he brought us one cup of tea and one cup of coffee and on the last morning he brought two cups of coffee, we didn’t ask for any of it, so the different ‘configurations’ were quite interesting to us.

Wednesday we packed everything back into the car and worked/studied some more. Thursday we again just worked and tried to do some research in between.

Both evenings we watched BBC’s Planet Earth with Francois while enjoying a home cooked meal prepared by Mewin.

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