Day 66 – 67: Mpulungu to Lake Shore Lodge

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Somewhere in the night the heaviest rain storm so far hit our tent. The tent held good, but the splashing from the jerry cans still caused the sides to get a bit wet. We planned to get an early start, but then Caro remembered she was suppose to add images to her assignment. So she [...]

Day 65 Luke’s Beach to Mpulungu

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Caro got up at 06:00 and went to lie in the hammock again for old time’s sake. Steven was suppose to get us at 08:00, but decided to arrive at 07:00 just when Caro came to wake Hugo up. We thus had to quickly throw everything in our bags and was ready to leave in [...]

Day 62-64: Luke’s Beach

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We got up at 08:00 and packed our ‘weekend’ bags and some food into a crate. We were taking a 2 big bags, two day packs, 25L water bottle, gas canister and one ammo box with food. For breakfast we ate some of last night’s pap with sugar and milk. At 09:30 were basically done [...]

Day 60-61: Kasama to Mpulungu

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We had quite the packing up to do as everything was just thrown on the back seat and in the back. We settled our bill and finally started heading north again, but first another stop at the Shoprite. While Caro started shopping Hugo refueled the MonkeyMobile at the Puma station. We wonder where people who [...]

Day 58-59 Lumangwe Falls to Kasama

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We initially thought to stay for two days at the falls, but after seeing the run-down facilities and being the only people and still seeing leaking oil we decided to head back to Kasama. We had breakfast and packed up by 10:30. We drove to the Kabwelume Falls only 5km away, but the road took [...]

Day 57 Kasama to Lumangwe Falls

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We thought of staying another day, but also wanted to ‘test’ the new bearing and seals. Caro made French Toast and then we decided to go to the Lumangwe Falls. After settling our bill we left Kasama at 10:30. We missed the turn-off to Mporokoso, but decided to try the bottom road and look for [...]

Day 56 Kapishya to Kasama

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We slept in our ground tent again, even though we had the MonkeyMobile with us, the one mattress deflated again through the night and at 05:00 in the morning Hugo shifted over to Caro’s mattress. At 06:00 Caro got up for a last dip in the Hot Spring. We quickly packed up and while Caro [...]

Day 53-55 Still Kapishya Hot Springs

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It’s already a week later as I’m writing this so a lot of the emotion has subsided a bit. Looking back we could have done a lot of things differently, but the way it evolved it put a lot of strain on us. On Day 51 and 52, I still tried to stay positive and [...]

Day 51: Mutinondo to (almost) Kapishya Hot Springs

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We woke at 06:00 again and snoozed to 07:00, by 09:00 we were on the road again. For breakfast Hugo added sugar and milk to last nights’ leftover pap and Caro ate the Brinjals that she cooked on the fire after dinner. At Mpika we stopped to fill up and bought fresh buns at [...]