Day 57 Kasama to Lumangwe Falls

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9 April 2017

Day 57 Kasama to Lumangwe Falls

Distance: 425km (Cumulative: 8 804km)
Moving time: 7:20
Average speed: 58km/h
Road surface: 60% Tar, 40% Gravel

Accommodation: Camping
Lumangwe Falls - R200 p.p

Amazing waterfalls, run-down facilities

We thought of staying another day, but also wanted to ‘test’ the new bearing and seals. Caro made French Toast and then we decided to go to the Lumangwe Falls. After settling our bill we left Kasama at 10:30.

We missed the turn-off to Mporokoso, but decided to try the bottom road and look for the new tar roads. We drove 260km on good tar roads, but then still got to the M13 ‘highway’, which is a narrow gravel road full of deep ruts for 88km. From Kawambwa there was some tar again and then the last 50km was gravel again. The very last 10km we had to go less than 20kmph on a two-spoor track.

We only arrived at the falls at 18:00 when the sun was starting to set. We stopped the vehicle less than 5m from the top of the waterfall and set up camp.

We took out our last Windhoek Draught and savoured it in front of the fire that the guard made for us. For dinner Caro made chicken strips with potatoes and we opened the Werda Curried Carrots. Since we had the fire we also baked a beer bread for the following days.

We went to bed with the sound of the falls thundering down right next to us.


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