Day 52 Kapishya Hot Springs

|||Day 52 Kapishya Hot Springs

4 April 2017

Day 52 Kapishya Hot Springs

We got up with the sound of loud hammering from the workshop, quickly bringing us back to the reality of our MonkeyMobile losing one of its legs and being next to the road all alone (hopefully still being there at all).

We left the room at 08:00 and went for a walk to the camp site area returning through the bird walk path. The Lodge is next to the Munswa river which currently flows quite strong, almost creating rapids. The gardens are full of local and exotic plants and trees and they grow almost uncountable number of different fruits, vegetables and herbs themselves.

After our walk, Felix the mechanic, informed us that the spare bearing we have is the wrong one and won’t fit. So it looks like we will be stuck for a while longer.

Later the day they came to the conclusion that it will be better to try and find a complete new side-shaft with bearing and everything. They proceeded to find one in Lusaka.

After lunch we went to check up on the MonkeyMobile and to fetch our ground tent en food supplies. The trip there and back cost us another $40. The whole way there we naturally wondered whether our beloved vehicle will still be there at all. To our relief everything including the guard was still there. We loaded some of our stuff onto the Land Cruiser and paid the guard for another night.

Francois, our friend from Lusaka, also helped us to pay the other guy in Lusaka to buy the actual side shaft and to put it on a bus here.

We only got back to Kapishya after 17:00. We were starving and Caro immediately made Spaghetti with Corned Meat, while Hugo went to fetch our clothing bag and laptops from reception.

An Italian Swiss couple camped 200m from us in a massive overland Truck that looks like a New York apartment on the inside, complete with artwork against the walls, induction stove, oven, two door fridge, shower, toilet, dining area, double bed, etc.

They let us inflate our mattresses in their truck and offered us an extra sleeping bag in case it get’s cold.

After dinner we went for another swim in the spring before heading to bed.

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