Day 42 Livingstone to Lusaka

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25 March 2017

Day 42 Livingstone to Lusaka

Distance: 502km (Cumulative: 7 402km)
Moving time: 8:23
Average speed: 60km/h
Road surface: 100% Tar

We packed up the tent for the last time in Livingstone and managed to leave by 09:00 after saying our goodbyes to the staff.

Yesterday, we noticed the indicator lights stopped working again, but knew there was nothing we would be able to do. We thought we’d try our chances and look for some place in Lusaka to help us.

Just outside Livingstone we were stopped at a police checkpoint. So far the police have never asked for more than our next destination or driver’s licence so we weren’t too stressed. Today, however, was different. We stopped next to the policeman and exchanged the usual greetings. At the point where we are usually told to proceed the following happened:

Policeman: How is your electronics?
Hugo: It’s perfect!

Policeman walks to front of car.

Policeman: Please turn on your parking lights.

Hugo switches on headlights. Policeman looks at the one then the other.

Policeman: I’m very happy! You can go.
Hugo: Thank you! Have a nice day.

Caro sighs a loud sigh of relief.

We had to pass a few trucks without indicators, which was pretty nerve wrecking. Some truck drivers also gave hand signals to show that we should indicate.

Just before another police checkpoint Hugo pressed the hazards button and BING, the indicators started working again.

The road was pretty good all the way to Mazabuko, where we stopped at a Shoprite to buy bread and cream cheese triangles for lunch. The road deteriorated a bit with a few potholes, but nothing like the road from Katima to Livingstone. At the toll gate before Lusaka we held out the 20 Kwacha payable for cars, but the attendant asked us for the paper that showed that we paid the Toll fee at that border. Turns out we don’t have to pay, they only stamp that paper.

The road got better again and we reached Lusaka at about 16:00, but still had to drive through it to reach our friend, Francois, 20km to the other side of Lusaka. Luckily it was weekend and the traffic was bearable.

We had to follow turn by turn directions over Whatsapp as neither T4A, Google Maps or Open Streetmaps had the complete route to his house set in a hilly forest far from any other houses or buildings. The ‘complex’ is called Lucky Bean Corner, but they’re the only residents.

It was good to sleep in a bed again for the first time since Windhoek.

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