Day 141: Lake Baringo to Nakuru

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2 July 2017

Day 141: Lake Baringo to Nakuru

Distance: 115km (Cumulative: 15 152km)
Moving time: 2:03
Average speed: 56km/h
Road surface: 100% Tar

Sekar has been having tooth pain for the past few nights to the point where she could barely sleep. We thus decided to head south to Nakuru to find a dentist rather than going over the Kito pass to the north.

We left the campsite by 09:30 and took two hours to drive 115km B4 tarmac road to Nakuru. We made contact with the Aucamps again to ask whether they know a dentist. They then invited us to stay over again if necessary. We only realised then that it is Sunday and that there would probably be no dentist available. We accepted their invite, but first went to the KFC at Nakumatt. We bought some things and then walked to the Cheese Palace which was also closed. We found a café next door where each one could order something they have been craving for. Daniel ordered mango ice cream, Hugo a chocolate milkshake, Sekar a pineapple fruit juice and Caro a Pina Colada smoothie.

We went to the Aucamps flat and basically chatted until dinner. We decided to go out to Midas as they call it. The ‘restaurant’ is actually called the Red Touch Lounge, but it is just a tent next to the Midas Oil fuel station. We ordered 1.5kg of mutton and chapatis which took 2 hours to arrive, because they had to make the chapatis from scratch. The mutton (probably goat) which arrived in a serving tray without any cutlery was however delicious. We used the chapati to grab pieces of meat from the tray in the middle of the table until we were all completely full.

Back at the flat Hugo showed photos of Ethiopia, while Caro was drawing pictures with the children. After D&S (Daniel and Sekar) went to bed the Two Monkeys and the Aucamps talked until almost midnight.



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