Day 140: Lake Bogorio to Lake Baringo

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1 July 2017

Day 140: Lake Bogorio to Lake Baringo

Distance: 39km (Cumulative: 15 037km)
Moving time: 0:57
Average speed: 40km/h
Road surface: 99% Tar (4% with Potholes)

Accommodation: Camping
Robert's Camp - R100 p.p

On Lake Baringa shore, clean facilities

We didn’t set an alarm for today, but Caro got up before sunrise to chase the blue monkeys away that were making a racket and jumping on the roof of our tent. She then went to the hot water pool where she was the only person, as it was technically ‘closed’ until 08:00.

We took our time to pack up and dry things and only left after 11:00. We only had 38km to go to Robert’s Camp at Lake Baringo. We bought honey at the first intersection for 300 KES and then a whole bag full of bananas for 200 KES at the next town.

We got to Robert’s Camp before 12:00. We found a camping spot where you could see the lake.

A lot of dead trees are still in the water as well as some ruins of buildings. It is not clear whether the level of the lake has started to rise again or whether this is the level that the water has receded to after the big rise few years ago, perhaps someone will be able to tell from the photos.

The Monkeys had to do some month end administration for most of the day.


For dinner Caro made curry beans and rice. We finished eating earlier than yesterday, but at almost the same time as yesterday the wind picked up and thunder could be seen on the horizon. Some small drops started to fall so we packed everything away. Sekar almost got airborne as their tent basically blew over. We moved it to behind the vehicle and fastened it with tent pegs.

We all went to bed early, the wind as well.


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