Day 6: Sendelingsdrif to Noordoewer via Oranjemund

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17 February 2017

Day 6: Sendelingsdrif to Noordoewer via Oranjemund

Distance: 350km (Cumulative: 1 577km)
Moving time: 6:14
Average speed: 58km/h

Accommodation: Camping
Amanzi Trails Campsite - R140 p.p

Next to river, each site has own kitchen sink, hot showers

We got up early again as we wanted an early start. We packed up in good time, but just as we’re all ready to get in and go we couldn’t close the tailgate. After several attempts we realised the only option is to unload everything and take closer inspection. We couldn’t really figure out how it is possible for the drawer system to have moved outward, but after hitting it several times and packing everything in again we got it to close.

We still managed to get to Sendelingsdrif by 10:00. The river was calm and the pont was back on the water. Feeling glad that we chose to stay we walked to the immigration office, a police officer intercepted us at gave the bad news: “Yes, the pont is on the water, but the Immigration officials are still on ‘holiday’ in Springbok.” We had no choice but to cross at Oranjemund.

So close but yet so far, the pont is on the river but there are no immigration officers to check us out.

The border crossing went smoothly and it gave us the opportunity to drive on a road that would otherwise require a permit. After driving for a few hours we reached the point where we started the morning, just 200m accross the river.

The GPS showing that we are back where we started. We camped under those trees on the opposite side of the river.

We continued to Aus to find Diesel as we wanted to try and reach Hobas. The locals told us that the nearest Petrol Station is 50km away at Noordoewer. At the Spar someone mentioned that there is however Diesel at the Agrimark. After driving on the wrong road trying to find the Agri Mark, we realised we don’t have enough time to reach Hobas so we drove to Amanzi Trails Campsite (R140 p.p) near Noordoewer.┬áThis must be a first, being close to three different border crossings to the same country in one day.

The Swiss made dinner again: Pasta with their signature white sauce, tuna and tomato.

We went to bed at 22:00 as we were tired from all the driving.

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