Day 34 – 36: Ngepi to Katima Mulilo

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19 March 2017

Day 34 – 36: Ngepi to Katima Mulilo

Distance: 336km (Cumulative: 6 689km)
Moving time: 4:25
Average speed: 76km/h
Road surface: 100% Tar

Accommodation: Camping
Protea Hotel Zambezi River - R140 p.p

Next to river, clean facilities, WiFi

We were packed up by 10:00 again and drove the very straight B8 to Drop City (Katima Mulilo, the city were the Brudis will be dropped). Sam started getting Hangry (angry hungry), so we stopped in Kongola for lunch. The fuel station had general shop with a ‘bakery’. Caro bought a Russian and Chips, Hugo a Hotdog, Sam a Polony Burger and Mario all of the above x2. Only the Monkeys sort of finished their food, the Brudis couldn’t as it was too disgusting.

We arrived in Drop City sometime after 15:00. We went to the Protea Hotel for a drink with a view over the Zambezi River. To our surprise they had camping sites and when we tried to search for other camping sites in town we couldn’t find any. We thus decided to pay the R140p.p and camp here.

While Caro went to work, Hugo and the Brudis went shopping togther one last time. We basically only bought 3 T-bone steaks and mushrooms. We then realised we need firewood and drove to 5 fuel stations before finding some after we already gave up.

After Mario burned out the wood he realised the Braai is to deep, so we had to carry the coals 30m to another Braai station.

After dinner we played the neighbour card game one last time, with Caro taking the crown.

We went to bed quite early.

Day 35: Drop Day

Mario was the first one awake and was apparently so bored that he even put the solar panel out, something everyone forgot to do for the past 35 days.

We packed up slowly and the Brudis had to search high and low to find all their things. Finally at 10:00 all their things were packed, we closed our roof top tent and drove them to the border. We said our goodbyes, but will probably see each other again in Livingstone or somewhere in the future in Switzerland or Vietnam.

The Monkeys returned to the Protea Hotel with mixed emotions. Happy to have some alone time again, but sad to lose the Braai Master and the Chef.

We worked for most of the day.  We our eyes got to tired we went back to our tent and put up the hammock, we tried to lie together in the double hammock, but the ‘double’ is a lie – it doesn’t work. It is wide enough, but because the ends still need to come together, it just becomes a very uncomfortable situation.

After taking a shower we started working on this blog until almost 22:00. For dinner Caro made some spaghetti with pilchards.

Day 36: Work Day

As we didn’t finish our work we decided to stay for another night and just work all day. We went to the bar (WiFi area) at about 10:00 in the morning and sat there until 22:00 at night. For lunch we shared a burger in the bar and for dinner we had a Chicken Cordon Blue and Chicken Livers for dinner. Hugo could only finish halve of his Cordon Blue as it was too much.

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  1. Brudi of the Brudis 8 February 2018 at 3:24 pm - Reply

    Can imagine it must have been one of a tough day when you dropped those amazing Brudis.

    • Two Monkeys 8 February 2018 at 3:37 pm - Reply

      Yes, we cried ourselves to sleep for the rest of the trip.

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