Day 30: Sachsenheim to Tsumeb

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13 March 2017

Day 30: Sachsenheim to Tsumeb

Distance: 87km (Cumulative: 5 755km)
Moving time: 1:18
Average speed: 66km/h
Road surface: 100% Tar

Accommodation: Camping
Kupferquelle - R90 p.p

Very clean and modern facilities, with Olympic size swimming pool and Wifi

Caro got up at 04:00 as she wasn’t feeling well and went to take a bath. Hugo also woke up and started googling things and checking couch surfing. He found someone in Tsumeb with good ratings who also studied at Stellenbosch University. He message Jowandre to ask for advice on doctors and where to service the car and for a place to sleep.

The Monkeys went back to sleep at 05:00 just to stand up again at 07:00. Hugo called Pupkewitz Toyota in Tsumeb to make an appointment which they only had for the next day. He also made a doctor’s appointment for Caro for today.

We left for Tsumeb at 09:20, but first stopped at Lake Otjikoto. It is one of two sinkhole Lakes in the area, the depth is highly debated as the bottom leads to various caves, some of which has not been fully explored. Wikipedia lists depth of between 80m and 150m as well as ‘unknown’.


In Tsumeb we saw the Toyota Garage is right oposite Kupferquella. Despite the campsite being very ‘upmarket’ or new it only cost R90 p.p. The showers are even better than some five star hotels, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

We stopped at Toyota to ask whether we can leave everything in the car when we bring it in tomorrow, they said yes and luckily mentioned what the service would cost: a whopping R5400. Without saying anything we drove into town. After making a random circle we stopped at Cymot for an inline fuse and to enquire about other car service possibilities. Someone recommened Auto Excellence. We went there and Frank was able to help us immediately for only R2500. We left the MonkeyMobile in a hurry grabbing what we could. We walked to Hungry Lion for some chicken burgers and then took a taxi to Caro’s doctor. It was an hour to early so we sat in a cafe and waited.

At 14:00 the Monkeys went to the doctor. 40 minutes and R1200 later the Monkeys was back in the diner with a bag full of medicine. Caro doesn’t have Malaria, just Sinisitus.

We took a taxi to Kupferquella and booked in for the night. Just as we got there the mechanic called to say that the MonkeyMobile was ready. While Hugo went to fetch it, it started to rain, so the other’s went to sit at the Dros. Hugo later joined them.

When Hugo checked his email he got a reply from Jowandre, the couch surfer. He recommended the exact same doctor and mechanic which we used. He later met us at the Dros and it came out he already replied at 05:00, Hugo just didn’t see the message. We talk for almost 2 hours about past and future travels it was sad that we didn’t plan earlier to go to Tsumeb to maybe stay with them.

When the Monkeys got the the campsite the Brudis already set up our roof top tent and was in bed themselves.


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