Day 29 Ruacana to Sachsenheim

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12 March 2017

Day 29 Ruacana to Sachsenheim

Distance: 374km (Cumulative: 5 668km)
Moving time: 5:12
Average speed: 72km/h
Road surface: 99.5% Tar, 0.5% Gravel

Accommodation: Camping
Sachsenheim - R155 p.p

Big sites with electricity and grass, swimming pool, wifi (didn’t work)

Caro woke up with a sore throat and had to take some medication. Sam repacked his bag for the first time since Vietnam. We only got away at 10:30 again.

Our first stop was at the giant Baobab tree where Hugo’s father served in the army. The tree is so large, there is a small chapel on the inside. While Hugo studied the map Caro and the Brudis went to a close by Open Air Market, where Caro bought cooked fish and vetkoeke.

We headed towards Rundu via the B10, but then Hugo’s parents suggested going via Grootfontein. We changed heading and stopped in Oshakati to refuel. On the road between Outapi and Oshakati it looked like everything was flooded except the road. Hudreds of homes stood in the water, donkeys were grazing in water that went to their chins. Later we saw in a newspaper that 64 schools had been shut down due to the floods. The road was also full of goats and donkeys as they had nowhere to go.

We thought of sleeping in Etosha National Park, but then saw a sign for Sachsenheim which didn’t show on the GPS as having camping sites. Luckily they did have nice camping spots with electricity for a lot cheaper than in Etosha. As usual the place was completely empty.

The Brudis made a ‘chakalaka’ with tomato relish, butternut, corned meat, onions and garlic and served it with Samp and Beans from a can. They also opened a Werda Beetroot salad.

Caro went to bed early as she still didn’t feel well. The Brudis enjoyed some box wine, while Hugo typed this journal.


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