Day 22: Uis to Twyfelfontein

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5 March 2017

Day 22: Uis to Twyfelfontein

Distance: 164km (Cumulative: 4 335km)
Moving time: 2:49
Average speed: 58km/h
Road surface: 100% gravel

Accommodation: Camping
Granietkop Community Camp (Doro Nawas) - R0 p.p

Abandoned campsite, no working facilities. Beautiful setting.

We got up lazily and was slow to pack. Hugo tried to check why the battery monitor is giving low readings and lost a fuse in the process (the only one of its kind that we had). Mario lost a shoe somewhere at Mile 72, but there were no open shops in Uis and the only ATM didn’t even worked. We at least got to fill up the tank at left Uis at about 11:00.

From Uis we went to Brandberg and did the 2 hour hike to see the ‘White Lady’ rock art. Turns out the white lady is actually a male medicine man. The guide showed us interesting plants and trees along the way as well as lizards and dassies. We saw a lot of destroyed trees and was told that Elephants entered the valley sometime last year and crushed all the Brandberg Accacias in the riverbed.

We were all tired, hungry and thirsty from the hike and decided to go to the Brandberg Lodge next to the Ugab for lunch. They only had light lunches. Hugo ordered a Ham and Cheese sandwich and Caro a Russian with Chips. Sam ordered three toasted sandwiches before he was full.

The plan was to cross the Ugab and head to Twyfelfontein like Hugo and Jaco did many year’s ago on their Motorcycle trip. The Ugab, however, was in flood. We had to go the long away around, even though Susan kept telling us to make a U-Turn and cross the river.

En route to Twyfelfontein we went to look at the Madisa campsite. It had a beautiful setting, but cost R165 p.p. so we continued on. The T4A maps showed Granietkop campsite near Twyfelfontein, so when we saw the sign we turned in, but there was no-one at reception. We inspected the once beautiful campsites, complete with shower and toilet for each site built between the rocks. It was clear however that it has been abandoned for some months. We decided to stay in any way and hope that no one shows up.

Sam and Caro decided to make bear bread tonight with vegetables and soya mince. The bread had a slighty burn crust, but the inside was perfect. The best bread we had in a long time. The vegetable mix turned out almost like a Bunny Chow filling, which went great with the bread.

We went to bed after packing everything back in the MonkeyMobile so that we can have an early start tomorrow. By 21:30 everyone was asleep.


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  1. Jaco 14 March 2017 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    Here is some footage of our motorcycle crossing:

    Difficult to image that being a river after we struggled through all that sand.

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