Day 21: Mile 72 to Uis via Messum Crater

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4 March 2017

Day 21: Mile 72 to Uis via Messum Crater

Distance: 173km (Cumulative: 4 171km)
Moving time: 3:53
Average speed: 45km/h
Road surface: 100% gravel/sand, 4x4 required

Accommodation: Camping
Brandberg Rest Camp - R150 p.p

Pool, WiFi, clean facilities

We had a rather uneventful night (thankfully) and woke up with a misty beach morning.

We had some signature dry Namibian bread (just normal brown bread, but sofar it has always been dried out even in Windhoek shops) for breakfast, packed up and paid for the camping at the dodgy receptionist who looked like he was on every imaginable methamphetamine.

We drove the short distance to Cape Cross to see the 1000’s of seals with their relatively newborn pups.

From there we drove through Messum Crater, but the crateer is so large you can’t really see it. It’s 21km wide and looks like the Martian landscape. We stopped somewhere in the middle for lunch at a rock overhang, the only shade in kilometres. The Brudi’s took out Brandy and Hugo said he also wants some because it is his Birthday. Caro completely forgot what day it is an the Brudis didn’t know when Hugo’s birthday was.

The roads out were badly corrugated and where possible people drove next to the road again.

We got to Uis at about 17:00 and checked into the Brandberg Rest Camp (R150 pp).

The Monkeys ordered Burgers and a milkshake from the restaurant for Hugo’s birthday and to be able to work at the restaurant’s WiFi. The Brudis played some pool on a L-shaped table and then later went to cook the Squid that was still in the Fridge. At about 22:00 they came to fetch the Monkeys and said they have to stop working and celebrate Hugo’s Birthday. When we got to our campsite the Brudis set up a candle lit (citronella candle) table with cake that they found somewhere. The cake tasted a bit old like all baked things in Namibia, but it is the idea that counts.

We played card games and drank some wine and brandy until way past midnight. We opened our rooftop tent after 01:00 in the morning and the Brudis just slept next to the MonkeyMobile without a tent or the blow up mattresses.

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