Day 214: Masvingo and Lake Mutirikwi

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13 September 2017

Day 214: Masvingo and Lake Mutirikwi

Distance: 83km (Cumulative: 23 776km)
Moving time: 1:40
Average speed: 50km/h
Road surface: 99% Tar

Accommodation: Camping
Kyle Lake View Lodge - R65 p.p

Camped in front of chalet, bit rundown, but nice place

We got up slowly again and packed up. We had some work to do so we went to Norma Jean’s Lakeview Resort to see if they had good reception. The campsite and facilities looked really nice, but there was almost no cell phone reception and their WiFi just like the campsite is extremely expensive. Just across from Norma Jean is Kyle Lake View or something like that where we negotiated camping for $5 per person. We, however, didn’t set up camp but rather drove to Masvingo where there is 4G internet.

We went to the Bluebird Cafe, who allowed us to sit and work there using our own internet. We supported them by ordering a delicious chocolate milkshake, a burger and a waffle.

We sat there until they closed at 16:00 and then we moved to a Chicken Inn where we continued to work until it started getting dark.


We then drove the 30km back to Kyle where we arrived in pitch blackness. A security guard opened for us and gave the key to one of the houses for use of the toilet. The particular house, however, didn’t have shower water, but he said he will give us a key to another house in the morning which has a hot water shower.

The stars looked amazing as there is almost no light pollution. We thus threw out a blanket on the grass and lied on our backs and looked at the stars for a while. After seeing plenty of satellites pass we imagined how different it was to look at the sky 50 years ago before any satellites and probably with less light (and other) pollution.

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  1. Elisabet 17 March 2018 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    50 yrs ago We used to look at the stars in the night as I grew up near Mwanezi river in the lowlands – there were already many satelliters then in the 70 s


    Nice following uour trip

    For how long period did you make it


    • Two Monkeys 17 March 2018 at 6:34 pm - Reply

      That’s true. Should have said 100 years ago. Thanks. We were on the road for about 8 months.

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