Day 18: Windhoek to Spitzkoppe

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1 March 2017

Day 18: Windhoek to Spitzkoppe

Distance: 280km (Cumulative: 3 576km)
Moving time: 3:36
Average speed: 78km/h
Road surface: Mostly tar, gravel for last 30km.

Accommodation: Camping
Spitzkoppe - R150 p.p

No facilities at campsites, beautiful views

The plan was to meet the Brudis before 09:00 and then take Mario to the travel clinic for a yellow fever vaccination and then shop while he is there. We woke at 06:30 and immediately started packing, but despite that we had to let the Brudis know that we are not going to make it before 09:00.

Finally at 09:20 we got everything packed and said our goodbyes and thankyous to the Hugo family (yes, Hugo’s name is from their Surname).

We picked up Sam and their luggage at the Backpackers where we dropped them 6 days earlier. The clinic turned out to be at the Mearua Mall where we went shopping on Monday. First things first, we had a Wimpy Breakfast.

We bought fresh produce at Food Lover’s Market and some other outstanding items at Spar. Finally at 12:30 we left the parking lot en entered Spitzkoppe into the GPS.

It was an easy drive on tarred roads to just past Karibib where we turned off towards Spitzkoppe for the last 20km. We arrived at 16:00 and set out looking for a camping spot. The sites are far apart and you can have your choice between open plains, rock shelters, trees, etc. After checking out camp site nr 3 close to the Rock Pool with 100s of tadpoles, we drove to camp site 10 and 11 which apparently has the best views. In the end we decided on nr 8 which had a nice braai place built against an overhanging rock.

We tested out our mosquito net (against flies), it worked quite well and the four of us sitting at the table easily fitted underneath.

At 18:00 we set out to climb the Spitzkop. We made it to the neck of the Arch and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets any of us had ever seen. It was cloudy, so the sun only appeared under the clouds for the last 20 minutes before it set. The Spitzkoppe really change colour throughout the sunset.

We made it back to the camp just as it got dark. Just as Sam started to braai a few rain drops started to fall, luckily we chose probably the only site naturally covered against rain. The rain helped to keep some of the bugs away, but then the scorpions came out to play.

We ate half of the 1.5kg pork braai pack and the Mushrooms that Mario also made on the fire. After dinner we basically went to bed, tired from the mountain climbing.

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