Day 13 – 17: Windhoek

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28 February 2017

Day 13 – 17: Windhoek

In Windhoek we basically ate, slept and worked a lot. We had dinner with Hugo’s grandmother for three nights and enjoyed tea with her in the mornings. On Friday evening Hugo’s aunt (Heloise) and cousins also joined us for dinner at his grandmother.

Sunday afternoon we went to visit Hugo’s other cousin’s (Maretha) plot outside Windhoek. They have all kinds of farm animals (horse, goats, pigs, bunnies, warthogs) and even a baby Cheetah. Her children entertained us with zipsliding into a dam, showing gymnastics routines and just running around and having fun.

On Monday we did some shopping. After buying lot’s of things at different shops Caro asked whether we now have everything. Hugo replied: “We didn’t get anything on our list yet.” We bought another chair, a hammock, wide-brim hat, water pipe, car air freshener, etc. We had to go to more shops to actually find the things on our list: more canopy locks, extra gas stove top, passport photos and getting some Dollars. We also took the MonkeyMobile for a much needed wash and vacuum. It shined brilliantly, see the photo above. Little did it know, that it would only last a few hours into the start of the next leg.

That evening we met with George, a friend from Stellenbosch, who traveled through South America and South East Asia for a year with his wife. We ate at Joe’s Beer House. The Monkeys shared a Bushman Sosatie (Kudu, Oryx, Springbok, Zebra and Crocodile) and an Oryx Snitzchel.

The Bushman Sosatie

On Tuesday we spent the day with Hugo’s uncle and aunt (Willem and Elma) who returned from a rally in South Africa. They also got a surprised visit from friend’s whose sun drove from Europe to South Africa in three months.

For dinner Elma made delicious meatballs with cous cous. A perfect last dinner to five wonderful days in Windhoek. Well rested and ready for the next leg of our journey.

Thank you to all the family in Windhoek who made our stay special. Especially to Willem and Elma Hugo for letting us stay in their house.

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