Day 134 – 136: Jungle Junction for the third time

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27 June 2017

Day 134 – 136: Jungle Junction for the third time

We stayed at Jungle Junction for three more nights to sort everything out, to do some shopping and to get to know our new travel companions.

Daniel is from Germany and went to visit is Indonesian girlfriend in South Africa after finishing his Masters. Sekar studied anthropology at Rhodes University in Grahamestown for a semester. While in Germany where she also studied, she met a mutual friend of ours and that is how we got in touch. They wanted to hire a vehicle and explore some of Africa, but then decided to join us for a month. While we were in Ethiopia they went to Malawi also for 10 days.

On Sunday, we went to The Hub for some shopping and lunch. The mall was overflowing and we waited for more than an hour to order Burger King, the wait was worth it. We’re not ashamed to admit that Burger King is delicious after 10 days of mostly vegetarian food. We then went to the Carrefour which was also packed and bought enough food for what looks like a month, but probably it won’t last that long.

We started watching a new Spanish series on Netflix and would watch until 03:00 in the morning and then sleep until 10:00. Monday someone passed without us getting much done.

On Tuesday we got up late again and the started to pack everything out and in again. Caro’s baskets had to be moved to the roof as well as one of our water bottles. Since Sekar was studying in South Africa they had two massive suitcases. The biggest we’ve ever seen. They put everything they didn’t need in one bag which we would then also put on the roof. Together with their own tent, matrasses, sleeping bags and backpacks with laptops there wouldn’t be any space left even for a mouse.

Since we finished the new series we went to bed before midnight.

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