Day 121 – 122: Nakuru back to Nairobi

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12 June 2017

Day 121 – 122: Nakuru back to Nairobi

Distance: 163km (Cumulative: 13 820km)
Moving time: 3:13
Average speed: 51km/h
Road surface: 100% Tar

Today we’re heading back to Nairobi as we’re flying to Addis Ababa on Wednesdays. We weren’t originally planning on visiting Ethiopia during this trip as we weren’t up for the bureaucracy involved in getting a visa and also the added distance. Being so close, however, we started looking at prices for flights. It is obviously much cheaper to fly from Nairobi than from South Africa sometime in the future. South Africans can also get a visa upon arrival when arriving at Bole International Airport.

After having some coffee for old time’s sake we packed the car and hit the road. The highway back to Nairobi was again not as bad as it was made out to be. Perhaps we are just lucky every time.

We went to jungle junction again and immediately went to do some work on their fast internet, something we missed in Nakuru.

On Tuesday we slept until almost 10:00, with the sun baking us out. While Hugo went to Langata Link on a pikipiki (motorcycle taxi) to buy some more dollars, Caro did some washing and started to pack our bags.

For the rest of the day Caro worked on a new Unisa assignment for this semester. Hugo with the help of Chris tried to sort out the aircon screeching problem and the central locking remote that doesn’t work as it should anymore. The aircon problem was hopefully fixed by tightening the belt, but the remote still acts strange despite a new battery. As it started to get dark we took the washing off and packed our bags for tomorrow. For dinner we had soft rolls with sandwich ham and cheese. We also finished a bag of chips with the last of the Heinz Mayonnaise, thus emptying the fridge.

We did some more last minute research and work before going to bed.


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