Day 205 – 206: Ilha de Mozambique to Nampula

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4 September 2017

Day 205 – 206: Ilha de Mozambique to Nampula

Distance: 201km (Cumulative: 22 077km)
Moving time: 3:52
Average speed: 52km/h
Road surface: 98% Tar

Accommodation: Camping
Complexo Nairucu - R65 p.p

Beautiful location, big grass lawns, but can't camp on it

Before checking out Caro went for a quick swim in the ocean for old time’s sake as we were heading inland again for a week or two.

We, unfortunately, had to drive the same long road back to Nampula, but at least we spent a good week here to make up for the long drive.

In Nampula, we stocked up at the large Shoprite and felt adventurous and bought boerewors, crab sticks, pork and mince. We could also afford real butter for the first time on the whole trip. We then set off for Complexo Nairucu 20km outside of Nampula between beautiful granite monoliths.

The campsite/picnic area has massive manicured lawns and a beautiful dam in front of a big granite rock. Camping is only 300 Mets per person, but you’re not allowed on the lawn with the vehicle. We thus awkwardly stood in a side road with the rent opening onto the grass.

Caro made some crab sticks for a starter and the sausages with potatoes for dinner. It tasted rather good, but shortly after dinner, our stomachs started cramping.

We, however, went to bed without anything happening. By 03:00 in the morning Hugo woke up from stomach pains but waited until 05:00 before going to the toilet where he threw up and had diarrhea. Caro also got up and also had diarrhea. We both got back in the tent and had the worst body pain and general sick feeling imaginable.

We wanted to drive all the way to Caía today, but quickly realised we weren’t going anywhere.

We stayed in bed all day only getting up to go to the toilet. We took some Kantrexil as we assumed we got food poisoning. Hugo then had a fever of 38.6 so we started wondering if we don’t perhaps have Malaria. We used a different test kit on each of us and both tested negative.

We drank a lot of rehydrate and took some pain pills and managed to eat some two-minute noodles.


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