Day 195: Zomba to Zomba

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25 August 2017

Day 195: Zomba to Zomba

Distance: 7km (Cumulative: 20 729km)
Moving time: 0:29
Average speed: 21km/h
Road surface: 90% Tar

Accommodation: Camping
Casa Rossa - R65 p.p

Nice campsite for one vehicle, Italian restaurant on site.

The sun heated everything up in the morning and we got up to a beautiful morning. Gerrie has to be in South Africa in 3 or 4 days so they set off towards Blantyre.

We had to catch up on some work so decided to just go to Casa Rossa halfway down the plateau if they have good internet and hot showers.

We first stopped at the Sunbird lodge to admire the view and then came down to Casa Rossa. Their camping is only $5 and they indeed have hot showers and Skyband Wifi.

We took the only camping spot for roof top tents and made two-minute noodles for brunch. After doing some washing and setting up camp we went to the restaurant and settled in for a long days work and blogging.

Around 18:00 we ordered dinner. The restaurant serves the best Italian food in Malawi or perhaps Africa (self-proclaimed). We had Gnocchi with cured ham and mushrooms in a cream sauce and Tagliatelli with pesto. Both dishes were superb, but the cream was so rich we started getting irregular heart beats.

After a while and a bottle of coke, we started feeling better again. We continued to work until 22:00 before going to bed.


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