Day 154: Top of the World to Kluges Guest Farm

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15 July 2017

Day 154: Top of the World to Kluges Guest Farm

Distance: 28km (Cumulative: 16 518km)
Moving time: 0:59
Average speed: 28km/h
Road surface: 40% Tar, 60% Gravel

Accommodation: Camping
Kluges Guest Farm - R100 p.p

Very good campsite with hot showers, WiFi, Swimming pool and forest walks.

We got up lazily and while the other’s went to make breakfast Hugo continued to sleep in our hammock between the trees. We had scrambled eggs with our last cheese and bacon for breakfast.

We haven’t decided where to go next, but we wanted to go down through Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi and then Lake Bunyoni. Since the Two Monkeys still had work to do and didn’t know what the internet situation would be like going South we had to make a plan to get internet today. Staying at Top of the World another day would have been nice, but there is no electricity and poor cellphone reception. We thought of going back to Fort Portal for a few hours and then returning or going to another campsite, but then Hugo phoned Kluges Guest Farm. They have really good reviews, but the camping is listed as $17 per person. Hugo wanted to request a discount, but when he asked for the camping price it was given as 30 000 UGX (less than $10).

We thus decided to go to Kluges as they also had WiFi. We packed up in 40 minutes.

To get to the campsite we drove on some very narrow back roads as we didn’t want to go all the way back to Fort Portal via the ‘normal’ route. We also stopped next to the road to buy some vegetables.


At Kluges we checked in and again confirmed that the price is only 30 000 UGX. There is also a restaurant and swimming pool at the reception, but it is quite far away from the camping area. At the campsite there were already two other private camping parties.

After putting up camp we all went back to the reception area to use the WiFi, which soon expired so we had to use our own data in anyway.

The two couples made turns to do the forest walk. It starts next to the swimming pool and then there are a web of paths through a nice forest full of colobus and blue monkeys and plenty of birds.

When we got back to the campsite an overland truck had arrived and 7 tents sprung up, some less than 1m from our vehicle. One of the other private campers apparently rushed to reception and then came back packed up and left. Later we saw his vehicle at one of the bandas, would be interesting to know if he got ‘upgraded’ just by complaining. In the end the overlanders weren’t that noisy, but they did wake us when they started packing up at 05:00, more than three hours before we usually get up.

We had rice and curry lentils for dinner. After dinner the Two Monkeys went to work again until the staff kicked them out and put the WiFi off. We continued to work at out camping table under the tent until almost midnight before going to bed.


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