Day 28 – 31: Khwai to Maun

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The wind was blowing like crazy again when we woke up, so we were slow to start. By 09:00 we went to the reception to ask about the roads. We wanted to drive back to Maun via the North and South Gate of Moremi, but apparently, we would then have to pay the park fees. [...]

Day 26 -27: Maun to Khwai

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We manage to leave Sedia at around 09:00 and made a quick stop at the Shell to buy a bread. From there we headed north to Mababe. As we've come accustomed to the gravel road was horrible with potholes in the hard gravel and sudden patches of deep sand and corrugation. Instead of just hearing [...]

Day 24 – 25: Gweta to Maun

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The road from Gweta to Maun is all tar, but for the first section to the vet fence it was full of pot holes. We could dodge, most of them, but then suddenly out of nowhere there would be potholes everywhere with no way of dodging them and then we’d hit it at 80km/h. We [...]

Day 23: Lekhubu Island to Gweta

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Just as we were the first to arrive at the island we were the last to leave as well. We took the road to Gweta which is marked as ‘very bad road’ on Tracks4Africa. That felt like an understatement as it was also very dusty and very confusing. There’s 100s of split offs everywhere and [...]

Day 22: Orapa to Lekhubu Island

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We left at around 09:00 and set off to Lekhubu Island via Mmatshumo where the island reception is and the tar road ends. The gravel road was fairly bad again, but we made good time and got to the island around 11:00. We drove around the island and stopped at two giant Baobabs for some [...]

Day 21: CKGR to Orapa

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We exited CKGR at 09:45 at the Matswere Gate. The road to Rakops were more of the usual bad roads. In Rakops we thought we’d find a shop to restock, but we didn’t really find anything to buy, so we just refuelled the Hilux and bought some snacks for the road. We set off in [...]

Day 19 – 20: Xade to Deception Pan

2018-10-28T10:24:31+02:00 September 21st, 2018|Categories: Africa, Botswana, Botswana Trip|

We had the usual tea with rusks to wake up, surprisingly we still have rusks left. Without buying any we got a massive supply from all three pairs of parents. And after tea we had a mix of Weet Bix, Oats, Peanuts and raisins for breakfast. We set off at 08:00. We had to drive [...]

Day 18: Xade Gate Camp

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As usual the Minnaars had a fitful sleep waking up numerous times from all kinds of sounds. At 04:00 we woke from the cold and had to open our sleeping bag. When we went to bed we didn't even want to lie under a bedsheet. Jaco as usual slept peacefully unaware of any sounds or [...]

Day 17: Ghanzi to CKGR

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We decided to try our luck with wild camping again on the way to Xade where we have booked for the 20th of September. Since it’s only an hour or two away, we only had to leave Ghanzi at around 15:00. We thus packed up slowly and checked out at around 11:00. In Ghanzi we [...]

Day 15 – 16: Ghanzi

2018-10-28T10:20:58+02:00 September 18th, 2018|Categories: Africa, Botswana, Botswana Trip|

We slowly got up and packed away even slower. We went into Ghanzi to fill up the tank and to buy some supplies at the Shoprite. We then headed back South again and booked in at Thakadu Bush Camp just 5 km from Trailblazers. We didn't have any major problems with Trailblazers and they are [...]