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Apart from the legendary Malawian friendliness, what captures you first about this vivid country is its geographical diversity. Slicing through the landscape in a trough formed by the Great Rift Valley is Africa’s third-largest lake: Lake Malawi, a shimmering mass of clear water, its depths swarming with colourful cichlid fish. Suspended in the clouds in Malawi’s deep south are the dramatic peaks of Mt Mulanje and the mysterious Zomba Plateau, with mist-cowled forests and exotic wildlife. Further north is the otherworldly beauty of the Nyika Plateau, its rolling grasslands resembling the Scottish Highlands.

Hugo and Caro first visited Malawi in August 2017. See what we were up to below.

Quick stats about Malawi

Land area: 118 484 sq km
Population (2016 est.): 18 570 321
Capital: Lilongwe
Monetary unit: Malawian kwachas (MWK)