Day 15 – 16: Ghanzi

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We slowly got up and packed away even slower. We went into Ghanzi to fill up the tank and to buy some supplies at the Shoprite. We then headed back South again and booked in at Thakadu Bush Camp just 5 km from Trailblazers. We didn't have any major problems with Trailblazers and they are [...]

Day 13 – 14: Peach Pan to Ghanzi

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We wanted to be on the road by 07:00 so Caro set an alarm for 06:00. The alarm went off, but it was still dark outside, so we continued to snooze. Jaco, however, heard the alarm and got up, to Caro's dismay - she was sure a lion would get him in the dark. 40 [...]

Day 11-12: Jack’s Pan to Peach Pan

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The morning was cold again. Jaco was the first one to risk going outside. He put the kettle on and served tea and rusks in bed for Hugo and Caro. We opened the back window of the tent and had a glorious view over the pan. We saw some bat-eared fox and the usual Springbok [...]

Day 10: Mabuasehube to Jack’s Pan

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As we were packing up a Dutch couple drove past the campsite. Hugo ran towards them and striked up a conversation. They were camping at Khiding Pan and had lions in their camp last night, but by the morning they had left. We decided to exit via Mpaya Pan and drove the sandy corrugated road [...]

Day 8 – 9: Mabuasehube

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Apart from a few strange sounds during the night which abruptly stopped when Jaco asked what is making that sound, we had an uneventful rest. The morning however was freezing cold. Ice crystals formed on the inside of our tent from the condensation. We had the usual rusks and porridge mix for breakfast and moved [...]

Day 7: Kuruman to Mabuasehube

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We filled our three 25 liter water bottles with Kuruman Municipal water which tastes surprisingly good. Apparently Kuruman has the biggest natural fountain in the Southern Hemisphere delivering approximately 20 to 30 million litres of crystal clear water daily. At 09:00 we were packed up and drove to the local Checkers where we bought the [...]

Day 6: Riemvasmaak to Kuruman

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For a moment it looked like it could start to rain again, so we packed up everything. The clouds then started to disappear, so we went for a hike down the canyon. It looks like you can walk 12km to the mouth of the Molopo river. We however only walked around 2km and then stopped [...]

Day 5: Augrabies to Riemvasmaak

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After breakfast we boiled some eggs for the road and filled up our Stanley flask. First stop was at the Augrabies waterfall, where Jaco has never been before. Entrance is only R49 for South Africans. We photographed the waterfall from all possible angles and then drove to the moonrock. From there we drove to another [...]

Day 4: Verneukpan to Augrabies

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We awoke with red crusts around our eyes and mouths. It felt like we had been living outside for a week or more. No longer did we have to wonder how their entire campsite gained its red coating. The wind was still there but fortunately a lot less strong. It was cold. We boiled water [...]

Day 3: Nieuwoudtville to Verneukpan via Loeriesfontein

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It did rain in the night and was still drizzling when we started packing up. We set off further north towards Loeriesfontein and then Brandvlei. It was mostly gravel road, but in decent condition. At the right speed we barely felt the corrugation. At Brandvlei we decided to finally check out Verneukpan. Something that we [...]