Sigiriya 2018-07-28T14:44:55+02:00

The morning we left Kandy Hugo was still complaining about his scratching eye since the bus ride to Ella. We thus went to a local hospital to check it out. Hugo ended up getting a minor eye ‘surgery’, i.e. a foreign object removal treatment. He got a massive eye patch that he had to wear for the rest of they day. Using his eye as an excuse we took a fast A/C bus to Dambulla and then took a Tuktuk to a homestay in Sigiriya. By 17:00 Hugo was feeling better and took his eye patch off. We took a tuktuk to Pidurangala and hiked up for the sunset. The next morning we entered the Sigiriya complex (30 USD entrance fee) and spend almost 5 hours going up the rock and exploring the area around it. King Kasyapa built his palace on top of this rock more than 1500 years ago.