Polonnaruwa 2018-07-28T15:03:22+02:00

To get to Polonnaruwa only took 2 buses costing a total of 10 ZAR per person. On the second bus we, however, had to stand for almost an hour before a seat went open. We checked in at Dilshan Guest House at 12:00 and then immediately set out on exploring the historical city of Polonnaruwa that stretches over 3km. We rented bicycles as one can easily end up ‘walking’ 12km between the sites. There are so many sights to see with millions of bricks still visible, but mostly just as walls not even 60cm high. The more impressive sights includes the bhuddas carved from solid rock, the giant stupa, the Vatadage and the cathedral like Lankatilaka with the giant headless statue.