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From Cappadocia we went with an overnight bus to Cirali. Cirali is famous for it’s beautiful beach, being next to the ancient city of Olympos and for the Chimera eternal burning flames. We ended up staying for two nights. The first night we stayed on the beach until 22:00 and then had to walk 4kms back to our bungalow.

From Cirali we went to the popular tourist town of Kas. We didn’t book in advanced and ended up staying in the first Pansiyon (Hotel) we walked past. The town was much fuller than all previous places, mostly with local tourist. The next day we went on a full day boat trip to sunken cities and old castles. We stayed two nights in Kas as well.

From Kas we went to Oludeniz near Fethiye. We found a ‘illegal’ all inclusive resort room on Airbnb. For only R500 per person we got a room, access to sun lounges and a big swimming pool, ate 5 eat-as-much-as-you-can buffets (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner), access and free transfer to a private beach club, drank unlimited soda, beer and cocktails throughout the day and much more. We did however pay extra for a long awaited Turkish Bath. We stayed at the resort until late the evening and then took a bus to close by Fethiye for cheaper accommodation just for the night, leaving to Ephesus early in the morning.

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