Jaisalmer 2018-05-16T19:29:22+02:00

After a 17 hour train journey we arrived in Jaisalmer at 11:00 and got a tuktuk to the Jaisalmer Fort. A tout jump on the tuktuk at the station and pursuaded us to go check out his hotel which was right next to Desert Boys where we wanted to stay based on a friend’s recommendation. On the rooftop we met five germans who invited us to sit with them. When Hugo indicated that he can speak German they quickly told us in German (so that the manager cannot understand) that we shouldn’t book a room there as the guy is very annoying and constantly tries to push you to do a camel safari with them.

We thus got out as fast as possible and checked in at the Desert Boys Hotel. We got a beautiful room with a city view, but it turned out to be a really hot room. We had to constantly wet our towels and scarfs to try and keep cool. For two days we explored the fort, palace, jain temples and all the shops inside and around the fort.

Since it is off-season most of the restaurants were closed so we had ‘fun’ trying to find one that is open and then we often had to wait up to two hours for the food. Hugo once ordered pasta and saw someone running into the restaurant with a bag of pasta 45 minutes after ordering it, when the food finally arrived another 45 minutes later it was still raw.

We then found the Midtown Restaurant which was not only open and fast, but also served delicious food. On the third night we did a camel safari and slept in the desert. After the safari we stayed outside the fort in an ‘expensive’ room which had air conditioning, a fridge and a swimming pool (at the hotel, not in the room).